LuneoidsI made a complete Android game over a six month period called Luneoids. The object of the game is to survive against waves of aliens by tilting your phone to move your ship. You can collect gold to buy various upgrades and new ships to help you progress further during each try.

I used Game Maker Studio to create the game as I used this tool to create a large amount of games when I was younger. However I also made extensive use of its GML scripting language to allow for more advanced features to be implemented. The Hotline Miami series was created using Game Maker Studio so the software is more advanced than many realise.

My younger brother helped out by drawing all the graphics by hand whilst I coloured them using GIMP to provide a unique art-style for the game. You can download and play the game at Google Play, it is compatible with phones and tablets. You can view some gameplay footage below:



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