Dungeon of Doom

Dungeon of DoomAs part of my coursework at the University of Bath I spent two months creating an online multiplayer dungeon game in Java. A server application can be started which will manage the game and then any number of players are able to join the game from their client.

The game includes chat functionality as well as a combat system for when players encounter one another in the dungeon. The object of the game is to collect a specified amount of gold and get to the exit before anyone else. The game is turned based and has keyboard and on-screen controls. There are a variety of additional items in the game that can help players such as a lantern to increase a players view, armour to increase your protection, a sword to increase your attack and potions to restore lost health.

Unfortunately as I created this game as part of my coursework I am unable to publish it online at this time. However I am happy to send a copy of it on request.

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